Facial Service

Extractions                                       $45

  Removing impurities, blackheads, whiteheads

Basic / Teen Facial                         $85

  Analyze skin, exfoliate, extraction and calming mask

Exfoliating Facial                           $95

  Focus on removing dead skin, build up oil control

Vitamin C Infused Facial              $105

  For sun damaged and pigmented skin, packed with
  vitamin C to strengthen skin and help with sun damage

Hydrating Facial                            $125

  Using hyaluronic serum to target dry flaky skin,
  adding more supple to the skin

Brightening Facial                         $135

  For tired dull looking skin, illuminates and brightens

  for a naturally more even complexion 

LED Photo Rejuvenating Facial         $155

  Color Light Therapy, uses four clinically proven wavelengths

  of UV-free LED lights to boost collagen production and treat existing acne

Anti Aging Facial                            $155 - $185

  An Anti-Aging facial will have all the steps of the Brightening Facial

  but with the ingredients that are targeted to aging or "mature" skin,

  which is usually age 40 and up




Glycolic / Salicylic Peel                 $40

Exfoliating Brightening Light Peel          $60

Vitamin C Peel                                  $100

Purity Peel                                         $150

Timeless Peel                                    $180

Deep Sea Peel                                   $200

* peel add on to any facial 1/2 off


Eyelash Extention

Full Natural Set                              $125

Special Event Set                           $135

Diva Set                                            $155



Body Wax

Eyebrows Wax                              $20

Upper Lip                                        $10

Upper & Lower Lips                     $15

Chin Wax                                         $15

Face Wax                                         $45

Under Arms Wax                          $20

1/2 - Full Arm Wax                       $25 - $35

Belly Wax                                       $10

Bikini - Brazilian                           $35 - $60

1/2 Legs                                            $35

Full Legs                                          $50

Body Polish                                    $125